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When fire damaged both buildings in 1075, they were rebuilt as the Duomo.In 1386 the archbishop, Antonio da Saluzzo, began the new project in a rayonnant Late Gothic style that is more characteristic of France than Italy. The main spire was topped in 1762 with a polychrome statue of the Madonna, to whom the Duomo and its predecessor have always been dedicated.This Athens hotel offers conference facilities of premium quality for any corporate event and business meeting.For those who wish to combine smooth connectivity and accessibility along with supreme standards in facilities and services on offer, Titania Central Hotel Athens is an exquisite option covering all needs, demands and desires in the corporate world.ocky Hill House is a grade 2 listed building dating from the early 1500’s with many Georgian features.We offer bed and breakfast in this unique house to the discerning visitor.Even now, some uncarved blocks remain to be turned into sculpture.Gothic construction on the rest of the Duomo was largely complete in the 1880s.

In an idyllic setting, guests are welcome to experience high class hospitality services and feel the vibe of Athens from within.In addition to the Simpson correspondence and the letters to the composer and writer Harold Truscott (all of them originals), the Archive holds copies of the letters to his closest friend, Sir Granville Bantock and to the writer and critic Ernest Newman.The latter correspondence has been somewhat overlooked by scholars but covers the years either side of the Great War – a crucial period in Brian’s development as a composer – and casts a fascinating light on the composition of two of his most ambitious works, the .There are also letters from luminaries such as Leonard Bernstein, André Previn and Leopold Stokowski (mainly just very short handwritten notes) that Brian did not personally receive, but who people working on his behalf did.And there is a particularly fascinating piece of memorabilia in the form of Brian’s address book, which seems to date from the ’20s and ’30s when he worked for Brian set as his Fifth Symphony in 1937.