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He said, 'She looks like a cougar on the prowl.' I decided to make it a term for women 40-plus who date younger men and don't want to settle down." Other experts have expanded the definition to include older women who have long-term relationships with and marry men 10-plus years their junior.

The cougar craze has reached a fever pitch, with Hollywood rolling out productions that manage to both glamorize and mock the archetype.

She should be soothing herself with jazz music and bubbles. Her moods shifted from contented to maudlin in the blink of an eye because of it.

They may decide they want to enjoy those years with a partner or someone in their life again to share the adventure together.Pulling a lip gloss from her purse, she quickly and expertly dashed it across the generous lines of her mouth. Alexa pondered her reflection, finally deciding against brushing her hair and making it flatter.Instead, she finger combed it until she had achieved what she considered to be an attractively disheveled look falling somewhere between .Want to share your life and dreams with someone again?But hate – or dread - the idea of starting over to find a special person?