Mentno sex

It did take a while but I had also read y'all posted you were backed up due to high demand. I'm happy with my order and appreciate it tremendously!! My husband and I had to renew my birth control so that ment no fun for a month with out protection.

I hope this is the blessing this man needed to get his life together.

Dont think you cant win because you think you're not good enough or if you think you're too good YOU TOO CAN WIN, And Dont think too much about things like this, you'lle only hurt your head thinking about it! Many commit crimes who come from poverty-ridden areas.

If anyone hasn't seen the topic about this in Lottery Discussion here's a link with a little more info on his history as well as his not having to pay the state back. looked up this guy in the MDOC database and all three cases were pleas so he was actually facing more serious charges than what he was convicted of, as I've mentioned in other topics.. Many people make big mistakes in their lives, and alot can turn their lives back around.

Everyone is so vague about what bedrest means, it's maddening. I did some research (cuz you know we bed-resters have lots of time on our hands! Super sad, I've been on pelvic rest now for 10 wks now, but man after our DS DON'T DO IT!!

As the victim myself of a sexual assault, the idea that my former assaulter could win millions of dollars and have the kind of life that I could never dream of and likely will never have makes me positively vomitous. I hope this is the blessing this man needed to get his life together.