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alongside his parents and six siblings, Joshua “Bam Bam” Brown is leaving the show and his family up north, the star announced this week.

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Bush, released from a halfway house just eight months ago, and now an integral part of the most powerful team in the American League, refuses to let the fans on the road, full of liquid courage, get to him.He vows to remain strong, and, yes, sober.“I hear nasty things, people talking about prison and my drinking, just stupid stuff,’’ Bush tells USA TODAY Sports.“Obviously, people are trying to get under your skin any way they can.Well, the last we saw of him was toward the end of last season when he worked up the nerve to talk to brother Gabe about his struggle with alcohol, later sharing his struggle with the rest of the reports that photos of Matt Brown have appeared on social media lately. The curls have been cut off, and he looks happy and strong. And, like with Matt, we’ll just have to wait until the new season comes to Discovery to find out for sure what’s going on. Fans of know that mother Ami is eager for grandchildren, so she is bound to push for them if Joshua and Allison get married.On a reality show that has been the subject of many charges that it’s fake, fans have come to care for everyone in the twosome. Some are speculating that Joshua and Allison are married. A photo has popped up on social media that shows Joshua with his arm around the neck of an fan he ran into at a Paul Mc Cartney concert. Some are saying that it’s a ring he’s been seen wearing on the show, and that he seems to move it from one finger to another. Check out the video below in which she gives relationship advice to son Noah.