Christian view radiometric dating

So, don't try and cover it up and make like everything was 6,000 years.That's not the Bible.” Before answering the question, Robertson acknowledged the statement was controversial by saying, “I know that people will probably try to lynch me when I say this.” “If you fight science, you are going to lose your children, and I believe in telling them the way it was,” Robertson concluded.In this case, U238 is the “parent” and Pb206 is the “daughter.” Scientists begin by measuring how long it takes for a parent isotope to decay into a daughter isotope.In this particular case, it takes 4,460,000,000 years for half of a sample of U238 to decay into Pb206.

His Ph D thesis was on isotope ratios in meteorites, including surface exposure dating.

Read More Day Two: Evidence for a Young Earth There is a profusion of evidence for the Bible's view of a young earth.

However, the old-earth perspective has held a monopoly in the public schools, in the major academic centers, and in the popular media for generations...

Of every science that goes up against creationism, geology may be the hardest to explain.

How can anyone believe in a young earth when faced with radiometric dating and the fossil record?