Dating dictionary for women

The words we use to communicate and describe our dating lives take on bigger, stranger and more ambiguous meanings when put them down indelibly in writing.

Every text is a decision, every online message a statement for the record.

The institute explains the word, which translates as “kirli” in Turkish, by giving the example of "a woman who is menstruating".

The other two meanings of the word are given as “stains, filthy, unclean” and being “contrary to society’s values”.

Online dating is the romantic equivalent of eating at Denny's: There's a menu full of tantalizing photos and enticing descriptions, but that Grand Slam breakfast never looks quite as good when it's sitting in front of you.

Obviously, people exercise plenty of factual calisthenics in their online profiles.

has a more territorial definition of the phrase "defensive dating," but it also refers to when a person in a tenuous relationship attempts to spur his or her ambivalent partner into committing by dating someone else.

Broadly, it can also refer to the guarded, In short, defensive dating refers to playing games instead of doing what experts always tell us we should do in relationships: Be honest and discuss problems upfront.

The second definition of the word in the official dictionary is described as a female who is “ready to flirt” and who can “flirt easily”.Flipping - turning a dominant into a submissive or vice-versa.Gaydar - slang term for the ability to identify other homosexuals.And just because Denny's menus may show you a more appetizing photograph doesn't mean you should stop eating there. Just look through those menus with a healthy dose of skepticism, and maybe your next Grand Slam will be everything that you expected.The Turkish Language Institute (TDK) has been accused of sexism over its controversial definition of the word “dirty”.