Dating your best friends older brother

Part of the "How to Date Your Best Friend's Brother" AU series that focuses on Scott's POV through Stiles and Derek's relationship.Or, in which Scott goes from being annoyed by his grumpy older brother to actually sort of appreciating the guy.True story: When I was in junior high, my first kiss was my best friend’s older brother, and he later mentioned he might have asked to date if the situation had been more optimal at the time.It wasn’t, and that turned out to be a very good thing.Perhaps it’s the idea of a family that’s already close, extending and tightening its bonds with a friend?In the case of a friend’s older brother, I do remember as a child wishing my best friends could be my sisters—perhaps the BFF’s brother story is childhood wish fulfillment.They’ve been a part of their family way before you. It’s a strange concept to think that if you have to work on the weekend when they leave town, your brother or sister will be there in your place.

He knows all of his multiplication tables and Scott is happy if he can touch all of his toes.

This may lead to the brother trying to save face with If You Ever Do Anything to Hurt Her... It's Truth in Television, as most any guy with a sister can tell you.

While the title says "sister," variations of it also include mothers and other female relatives (such as cousins), and for girls this would most likely be "My is Off-Limits." This doesn't include daughters, because Overprotective Dad already covers that. This may also be a symptom of a character having a Big Brother Instinct. Also, this trope is almost indispensable for any Brother Sister Incest works, where it builds the initial Incest Subtext in story.

I still really love the whole Scott/Derek as brothers dynamic and am excited to continue it.

Scott's pretty sure that the only time that he and his brother ever get along is when they're forced to bathe together as little tots and, under a wordless agreement to not flick shampoo in each other's eyes, cohabit the bathtub with little to no fussing or screeching.