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Split-level homes actually had a prestigious origin — historians credit Frank Lloyd Wright as the inventor of this style around the turn of the 20th century.

He believed split-level homes could be an affordable option for the average American family.

Above the door, on the upper-story wall, there's often a large window.

The door itself may even have a light-filtering pane of glass.

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Remodeling the split entry area by moving walls or stairs, pouring new footings, extending the roofline and adding square footage is expensive and time consuming.

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Owners also love how they get the feel of a multilevel house without having to trudge up full flights of stairs.

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“We were cleaning up and we realized that it made more sense to have the dining room out there,” said Mike. Williams Construction, a Minneapolis contractor, for the job.

That big switch sparked a major home renovation that would include a new kitchen, an expanded master suite and an updated dining room and split-entry. He managed to double the size of the kitchen by taking out the original dining area.