Msacces update queries not updating new dating com review

I'd blame it on a bad database, but it happens when creating a new database.

I'd blame it on Xen App, but it happens when I login via the console. :update: It looks like, after I ran Excel to test if this problem also occurred with other Office apps, that Access is using the Excel icon in the taskbar.

You can requery data manually, by using a macro, or by using code.

If you want data to be requeried automatically when an event occurs, you can create a macro and attach it to the event.

Print, please let us know if the same SQL string works well outside of VBA -- in other words, as the basis for a query object which is run "manually", from the query design interface.

To perform those tasks, you can requery the records. Text = asd Dim username As String = "jianda" Dim pwd As String = "jiandapass" Dim SID As String = "tester" Username And Pwd Are Valid(username, pwd, SID) Response. ") End Sub Private Sub Username And Pwd Are Valid(By Val username As String, By Val pwd As String, By Val SID As String) Dim sql Str As String = "SELECT COUNT(*) AS NUMBEROFROWS FROM Credential WHERE [Username] = '" username "' AND [Password] = '" pwd "'" Dim cmd As New Ole Db Command(sql Str, cnn) Dim data Reader As Ole Db Data Reader Trace. Close() Dim online As String = "online" sql Str = "UPDATE Credential SET [Login Flag]='" online "', [Session ID]='" SID "' WHERE [Username]='" username "'" Trace. Execute Non Query() End If Catch ex As Exception Finally If Not cnn Is Nothing Then cnn. Dispose() End If End Try End Sub End Class If this comes from a book, I strongly advice you to buy another one.... Execute Reader() Dim counter As Integer Do While data Reader. To Int16(data Reader("NUMBEROFROWS")) Loop If counter = 1 Then data Reader. Ole Db Public Class Authentication Inherits System. the code is intended for authenticate and authorize users. Perhaps this: Hi, 1) Get rid of the empty catch clause: if an exception happens you are ignoring it which make basically impossible to debug your app. Page Dim cnn As New Ole Db Connection("Provider=Microsoft. OLEDB.4.0; Data Source=c:\inetpub\wwwroot\MMORPGapi\MMORPG.mdb") Protected Sub Page_Load(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. It should be closed before the If statement, not IN the If statement, Finally. NET and C# When it doesn't work, you need to tell us more. If so, please tell us WHERE the error occurs and WHAT it says.